Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nibbles - Available for Adoption (Outside of Ontario)

Meet Nibbles!

At approximately 1.5 years old, Nibbles found her way to ADR by way of a shelter that had to take her from her owner due to current Ontario laws (actually a blessing for her as his intent was to breed her and she was suffering from a tail injury). Prior to entering ADR’s foster care the shelter decided to have Nibbles’ “happy tail” (when the tail wags so much it whacks on everything and constantly splits open making a BIIIIG mess, and can be painful to the dog . . ) amputated. Unfortunately this procedure was done by a less than savvy vet and poor Nibbs had a bit of recovery ahead of her . . there was not enough tail taken away (so she has a rather large stubb) and not enough skin left to cover the bone. At this time the tail seems to have finally healed! But at no point did any of this even phase the sweet wiggly-Nibbly tempermant of this dog!

Nibbs (as we affectionately call her) is currently in foster care with several adult dogs (male and female) and a young pup, and is the best of friends with EVERYONE!!! Toys, treats, bones, are all there to share and enjoy with her buddies! For this reason we would love Nibbs to go to a home with another doggie friend. That, and she is also a very high energy type pooch, so a friend to play and wrestle and run with would be idea! So either way, Nibbs is going to need an ACTIVE family, with an ACTIVE lifestyle.

All that being said, during her downtime Nibbs is a great cuddler, and is very good and curling up on the couch for some much deserved love! (have we mentioned how much we ADORE this kid?!)

Nibbles is crate trained, and rides quite nicely in the car. Who wouldn’t love peeking in the rear view mirror and seeing those hilarious ears poking up out of your backseat?!!!

To know her is to love her . . . so much so we had to talk her foster momma out of trying to keep her!

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