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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ADR in the News

Slow news day?  From the depths...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pawlooza 2012

On Saturday August 18th ADR had the pleasure of attending Pawlooza as a booth in rescue row for our 4th year!

We had a wonderful day surrounded by dog lovers, rescue groups, dogs, more dogs, more dogs . . .!

Photo courtesy of Pawlooza

Photo courtesy of Pawlooza
Photo courtesy of Pawlooza - doggie paradise

Our booth could be found in our "usual" spot (thanks ARF!) right near the Dock Diving area!

Photo courtesy of Pawlooza
Set up and ready to go bright and early (too early when we found out the StarBucks booth was delayed lol)

With lots of great items for sale and friendly volunteers chatting up attendees about what ADR does, the current laws, and where we are going from here with Bill 16.

We even had a visit from some ADR Alumni, adopted dog Oden!

We sold OUT of tank tops and bandanas (not to worry, more are on order) and raised close to $900 for the rescue (WOW!)

A HUGE thanks goes out to the Pawlooza team for putting on such an amazing event and promoting the ADOPTION OPTION on such a large scale! We are so proud to be a part of the day!

Photo courtesy of Pawlooza

And a nod to Head-Lites Dog Collars and Dog House Metal Worx for providing us with some really cool stuff to sell in the name of charity!

Can't wait 'til next year!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer is YARRRDsale season

It's one of most anticipated events of the year, for the volunteers that is! From the weird and wonderful donated treasures, the hardcore hagglers, the spiked coffee and cheetos and the funds we always manage to raise, not to mention the laughter and spending a day with great friends and dog lovers . . . the ADR charity yardsale is not to be missed!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rewbynn is Adopt-A-Bull!

Rewbynn has come leaps and bounds while in foster care, so now it is time to be an Adopt-A-Bull! (outside of ONscario only please)

He likes to do "laundry" though (please read - a softer sell on sep anxiety), and needs someone who embraces that! His journey thus far has been blogged at:
View his PETFINDER link and/or read his bio below - and please feel free to crosspost and share!

Rewbynn is available for adoption OUTSIDE of the province of Ontario. Due to Rewbynn's age (approx 1-2) his apparent breed mix/appearance, and current provincial laws, he is unable to be adopted within Ontario, or any other area/state subject to Breed Specific Legislation.

My name is Rewbynn, like the sandwich, because of my colour, and, well, to know me is to love me (with or without a pickle on the side)! I am about a year or two old, and didnt get the best start in this world. Thankfully I was saved by some wonderful people who are helping me learn to love again (you can follow my journey here on my very own blog:
The love part has actually been super easy! I am surrounded by great people who are lots of fun. I love to snuggle with them, sleeping in their arms (what do you mean Im not a lap dog?) smiling and snoooooring and being ever so cute. I give kisses to say thank you for these snuggles, to both my human and doggie friend. Thats right folks, I live with 2 other dogs right now and LOVE it! Actually, I think its helped a lot with my learning to love . . . walks are pretty cool, and so are kids (okay, so lets see here, loyal and snuggly, dog and kid friendly, Im quite the catch!) I ADORE car rides and am really well behaved on them (have dog, will travel!), and I wait sitting patiently for my meals to be served, along with some other basic commands (keeping in mind I AM a teenager so my education is in progress).

Time, patience and training has done a lot to help me forget my icky past, but there's one interesting past-time I cant seem to yet shake. I, um, like to do laundry (translate I have seperation anxiety). When I first arrived in foster care my parents had never had a dog who likes to do laundry before, and I forgot to mention it, so they put me in a crate while they went out. No no no! If I am stuck in a crate I cant do laundry!!! I wanted OUT, by any way possible. My foster parents were very surprised by this, and tried to explain to me that I didn't have to do the laundry while they were gone, that I could just relax. But I was having none of it. I tried to explain to them that I worry when they leave (because of my past) and to calm my nerves I like to do laundry (I don't actually fold the clothes, but rather chew them, or anything else to take my mind off things . . .and in this case it was the crate bars and a door in my way! Ouch!). My foster parents understood why I would worry, and we discussed a plan of action (still in the works a bit) that if when they went out I was allowed roam around the main floor of the house, would I not do the laundry? Deal! This makes me feel better because I can look out the window, and snooze in sunbeams (my favourite) and find other ways to distract myself. That being said, if they happen to forget and leave some clothes out, I will still fold them. We are currently working on leaving OTHER doggie type things for me to enjoy, and try to fold if I feel the need.
Soooo! All of that being said, my new family would need to understand and embrace my laundry habit. When things change in my world again (being adopted), I may try this past time again. Ideally, I would love to live with someone who works from home, but I know its not a perfect world. So all I/we ask is that you be as patient and understanding as my foster family has been. I am wonderful (so I keep being told), and all my wonderfulness FAR outweighs my laundry habit!
If you are interested in opening your heart and home to Rewbynn send us an email.
You must be at least 23 years of age to apply to adopt. Should you be interested in adopting please email and tell us why! You must also have a very good knowledge and understanding of Breed Specific Legislation.

Given the time, effort and LOVE that goes into the care of these dogs by our foster homes and volunteers our adoption process is a very thorough one. We ask that you please take this into consideration when applying to adopt a dog from us. ADR does not rush the adoption process. We are dedicated to matching the right dog with the right home and as such require an application process, interview process, reference checks, adoption fee and contracts all to be completed.
We are a volunteer run organization and strive to respond to emails and inquiries in a timely manner.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Dog Rescuers Do

Collages just like these have been floating around lately, so we thoughts we'd have a little fun and do our own.  Enjoy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Message from the ADR Dogs of 2011

From the bottom of our "substantially similar" little hearts - THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you for your support, your donations, your time, your comments, your compassion - thank you!

Our lives could not have been spared without you!

Happy Holidays!





















Our "just one more" girl Ursula sadly spent Christmas at the shelter. Though we are sure the shelter staff gave all the dogs special attention, we still feel awful for her.  But, the holidays aren't over yet. Can you help us pull Ursula before the end of the year?