Friday, August 12, 2011

Remembering Rocky

Nothing great in this world is ever accomplished without passion...

Over the years since BSL passed in Onterrible, we’ve heard it said several times that one of the only “good” things to come out of this law was all the new friendships, and getting to meet so many wonderful dogs.

Rocky Black was one of them. A true breed ambassador who not only inspired his Mom (Debbie) but many many others to continue to battle on the front lines and be seen and be heard and continue to fight the good fight.

Rocky and Deb attended numerous (okay, EVERY) event dedicated to raising awareness about why breed banning doesn’t work. And he always did so with his beautiful bully smile, and no doubt a fashion statement to boot!

We wanted to recognize Rocky (and his mom) for all they have done over the years, and acknowledge the passing of an amazing dog. Our heart and thoughts are with you Deb, we know this isn’t easy.

“Promise me you'll never forget me because if I thought you would I'd never leave.”
- Winnie The Pooh


  1. I don't have the words right now to express the loss, sadness and grief. Rock-a-fella, you are one of a kind. I will forever cherish the dreadful walks in rain storm and blizzards. While your momma and I suffered you soldiered on with your famous swagger. You always soldiered on. Debbie... the world will not be the same now without Rocky... but it will also never be the same because of him!
    I know our old men are ruling the bridge together!
    - Auntie Patti

  2. he looks so much like my daughters dog, so I do cry.. i will miss him too when his time has come.

  3. What a beautiful tribute Em! Rocky will be very sadly missed...

  4. How lucky we are to have had him in this life, and how lucky Rocky was to have his Deb to love him.
    Their lives are too short, so that we may appreciate our own a little better.
    Thank you for being there.

  5. Debbie, I don't know you, but I have two of these lovable dogs of my own - can't imagine what you are going through, please accept my deepest sympathies.

  6. Debbie,

    I had only known Rocky since February but it didn't take long to realize what a special guy he was and how much his mom loved him. Even though he had lymphoma he continued to come on weekly pitbull coop walks pushed in his rock-a-mobile, relishing attention from everyone and begging for cookies ;)

    He mentored his new sister Pearl and I am sure passed on all of his wisdom, whispering in her ear to tell her not only the best way to beg for cookies but more importantly to remind her to carry on his role as a breed ambassador and to take care of his Mom.

    RIP Rocky, you were a very sweet boy.
    Emily and Jersey from the Pitbull Co-op walks