Friday, August 12, 2011

There's an app for that!

Remember back when cell phones were the size of Kleenex boxes and only for important business men?

(well, 2/3rds of the brains of this operation don’t because they are TOO YOUNG - ahem! Anywho...wise...old...moving on...)

These days, we can hardly imagine how we would survive without our cell phones, let alone run a dog rescue/be pet owners!

**sidebar, yes Kristina, we know you love your Android smart phone something something . . .but consider coming over to the dark side?!**

So what exactly does the iphone contribute to rescue/pet ownership? Well, besides the play by play facebook status and twitter pupdates when we are on the road?

Petfinder – free app;

Enables you to search adoptable dog (and other animals) in your area, and showcases the same lovely photos we painstakingly upload to the website.

So why isn’t MaeMae adopted yet you ask?  Smorked if we know!

Good Dog Training Clicker – free app;

Because there’s never a clicker handy when you’re watching Jersey Shore, but for some reason you have your phone right there (you texted FIST PUMP to HOW many of your friends??)

Makes that lovely click noise to mark the desired behaviour your pooch has just given go get a treat!

Confused? Read more about positive reinforcement based clicker training:

Pet Names + - free app;

Though we are pretty pleased with the names we pick for our rescues, you may have other ideas (grumble). Or this is a cute one just for funsies, or to help friends from naming their most recent foster or adoptee Buddy or Fluffy or Spot...

Pet Dossier - $1.99 but 25% of the proceeds go to the ASPCA!

A catch all for your dog’s (or any other pets) information, medical records, vaccination schedule, emergency info, etc etc, ETC! Complete with the ability to upload photos, reminders, and send/save information to email or your home computer (perfect for giving to your petsitter!)

Dog Whistle – free app;

Does it actually work? Well...the dogs we tested it on probably wouldn’t have responded to a real dog whistle.

But it was free...and looks cool on the doc.

Dog Translator – free app;

Can fido “speak” on command? Can he also “shush”?! Well, teach that (using your new dog clicker app) and then use this!

Again, we question the accuracy and sophistication of the whole thing, but when asked, Greddy wanted a snack! all we need is a custom app for ADR...anyone know how to do that?

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  1. pfft...I'd love an iphone - just wasn't in my rocks too..I'll have to have a look for doggie related android apps ;-)