Monday, October 31, 2011

Howl-O-Ween Photo Contest - Winners Announced!

Congratulations to...

The Cutest Pumpkin EVER - Cabot! With 27 likes - you win first prize!

Haas the Pit bull dressed up as a Dalmation, takes 2nd prize, with 12 likes.

And ADR's choice goes to Angie Koinis and her "Natural Balance" pup, who just cracked us up!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered and voted! Have a happy (and safe) Howl-O-Ween!!!

You have three hundred and sixty something days to get thinking about next years contest ;)

Winners - Contact to claim your prizes!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Busier the Better

A “Busy” Dog is a happy dog (and a dog that isn’t munching on your shoes)!

As canine guardians its important that we spoil the little furries every once and a while. Now we are all for healthy organic treats, and less processed chews like Antlers and Smoked/Raw bones, however, we all end up in the drive-thru ordering a cheeseburger or two (with extra pickles please...c’mon, we ONLY indulge on long road trips, errrr transports, yes, long rescue road trip transports . . .)

AHEM! Anywho, it’s always nice to save a little in the cookie jar, so click the link below, sign up, and the coupons come to you, well, your dog...

You know what we mean!

Enjoy! Errr happy Chewing!


(Please note ADR receives no sponsorship or kickbacks from Purina or wouldn’t that be nice! )

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Interview with: An Adopter

Neko was found wondering behind a theater by a police officer, who thankfully, is a pit bull owner himself.  Knowing that because of appearance, Neko would likely not survive if turned over to animal control, the officer found friends who could keep him safe.  ADR was contacted and agreed to assess Neko for our transfer program.  He passed with flying colors and his guardian angels agreed to foster him until his forever people were found.

Enter Jeff - Jeff contacted ADR having recently lost beloved dog Gracie, who he also adopted. He was ready to open his heart and home again to a dog in need.  We instantly got the "warm fuzzies" and after several emails back and forth, a phone interview and homecheck, Jeff was approved!

So here was Jeff, 3 provinces away and ready to bring home a dog he had never met. 

It turned out that Jeff has already planned a trip to Ontario, so again, sight unseen, he booked Neko a spot on his flight home.  We made the 2 hour drive to meet Jeff.  He and Neko clicked instantly, and just like that Neko was off to start his new life on the East Coast.

Neko now spends his days at 'the shop' with his new dad, going hiking and laying around in bed with HIS cat. What a perfect match!  We couldnt be happier.

Jeff agreed to answer a few questions for us regarding his adoption experience. Thanks Jeff!

How did you hear about ADR?
I heard about ADR from the web site.

Why did you choose to adopt from an ADR/an independent rescue?
I am a strong believer in Adoption over breeders; I feel that there are countless dogs out there without a good home and that people should STOP being so precise in selecting the “perfect breed.” I was looking for a pit/Staffy mix as I have always loved there companionship. But I would have settled for other breeds if one caught my attention.

What attracted you to Neko? This breed? A big black dog (which are very hard to place)?
To be honest, my last dog was a Staffy mix and she passed away 6 months before I applied for Neko, I told myself that if I was going to adopt another dog that it was important to get the opposite sex and different coat (colors). My last dog was beige/white and female, so Neko seemed like the perfect fit :-):-) I believe this is important because if they look different it helps to not make judgment in the new pup based on your last dog.

Did you have any reservations about adopting a dog "sight unseen", after just a short meeting?
Mostly just training and Health, when adopting you never know the full passed and habits of the dog. Once the Health check came back great it was time to get to know Neko and see what his behaviors are like and if there is anything I should be concerned about. I was shocked… he is amazing! It really shows that ADR does extensive behavior tests and is very forthcoming in the adoption process.

Was there anything that surprised you about the adoption process?
The price! I figured for an independent rescue the adoption fees would be much higher.

Is thereanything you'd change/improve?
BSL, even in my home town Neko and I get a little bit or “Breedism” as I call it, lol. Its all good tho… He makes up for it with charm and kisses :-):-) I feel like every person Neko meets helps remind them that its not the Dogs that are the problem, it’s the HUMANS!

Do you have any 'words of wisdom' for someone who is considering adopting a dog from ADR/Ontario?
Adopting a dog is a great feeling, but adopting a dog from a province where they are killed because of the way they look is an indescribable feeling.

For more information on the adoption process and to view our Adopt-A-Bulls, click HERE

Friday, October 7, 2011

Interview with: A Foster Home

Kristin Tweel, ADR adopter/recent foster momma, was kind enough to answer some questions for us about her experience fostering for ADR.

We are so grateful to have people like Kristin (and her amazing husband Manuel) on our team.  Their positive attitudes, even when dealing with challenging issues, inspire us.  Together, we can continue saving innocent lives.

Thank you Kristin!

When/how did you hear about ADR?

We learned about ADR a little over three years ago, when we were looking to adopt a dog on Petfinder. We ended up adopting 2 two year old Amstaff mix named Layla.

What made you decide to open your heart and home to fostering a dog in need?

There are so many dogs in need! But after building a relationship with the rescue over the past three years, we wanted to. We’ve had such a good experience with Layla, we wanted to offer another dog the chance to have a better life too.

Can you tell us a bit about your foster dog?

Our foster dog’s name is Dilbert, or Dilly for short. He’s incredibly smart and painfully cute. We’re not really sure how old he is, maybe 7 or 8 months? He’s got a lot of energy and loves to play but is a total lovebug!

How has the foster experience been? The best part? The hardest?

The foster experience has been really good- we feel that we, as well as Layla, have gotten a lot out of it. The hardest part was probably the training aspect. You are constantly trying to reinforce positive behaviours,.and that includes reminding yourself to be consistent with both dogs. And of course, now that we know and love him, letting him go will be tough too.

The best part is easy! As the dog settles into its new environment and becomes more comfortable, you see more and more of their individual personality shine through. It’s very rewarding.

Was there any sort of adjustment period for you? For your resident dog?

It probably took us a month to adjust. It wasn’t easy at first- it was a lot of work. But Dilly really started to settle into our routine and life gradually got easier. For Layla, our resident pooch, the adjustment time was about the same. She had to learn to share her toys and all the affection! They love each other now.

What have you gained from the experience?

Patience! And honestly, we’ve learned a lot about our resident dog Layla too.  Based on what Layla has learned and changed since we’ve had Dilbert around, it was a really beneficial experience.

What advice would you offer someone who is thinking of fostering?

It’s a lot of time and effort at first. But overall, it’s an amazing and rewarding experience.

Would you foster again?

Depending on the dog, we would!

We are always greatly in need of foster homes!

Fostering requires a time commitment of 1-3 months for young dogs and 6-8 months for those that are a bit older. ADR covers all food and veterinary costs, your donation is an open heart and home to help a rescued angel on their way to a Happy Beginning!

Interested? Email us for an application!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

ADR's Howl-O-Ween Photo Contest 2011

♫ It's the most wonderful time of the year ♫

We suspect that some of you are tempted, whether by sheer cuteness or potential "torture," to dress up your pooches for Halloween. We're not here to judge - we're just looking for the funniest, scariest and overall best photos of your dog in costume.

Enter now! It's as easy as stealing candy from a doggie...

1. Post a pic of your dog in costume to ADR's Facebook fan page HERE

2. Spread the word – the entry with the most “likes” wins!

*You must be a fan of ADR on Facebook to enter and “like” pictures.

Up for grabs:

1st Prize: Auntie Em’s Pumpkin Spice Dog Cookies (all natural, organic and grain free) + $25 Gift Certificate to (see our recommended reads HERE)

2nd Prize: Auntie Em’s Pumpkin Spice Dog Cookies (all natural, organic and grain free) + 1 size L ‘it’s for the puppies’ limited edition t-shirt

ADR’s choice – Auntie Em’s Pumpkin Spice Dog Cookies

We'll announce the winners on our Facebook page on October 31st.

Tell your friends and family. Ghoul Luck!