Friday, August 26, 2011

Puppy Pawlooza 2011

One dog, two dog, red dog, blue dog...

Thousands, upon thousands of pooches and their people flooded the Plunkett Estate for Pawlooza 2011 this past Saturday.

HUGE tail wags to our volunteers and supporters who came to visit and lend a hand, selling ADR swag, our limited edition 'it's for the puppies!' tshirts, collars and chatting up the crowd about BSL and all things bully!

(Together we raised over $700).

If you arrived early, you probably had the pleasure of meeting our Adopt-A-Bull princess Mae. Alas, the crowds and waves of new friends became too much to handle so we chartered her a ride home so she could relax. We did however manage to snap a few pictures of her getting belly rubs and testing the waters for the doggy dock divers.

Then there was our star BAYNE! This goofy lug sure knows how to make a great impression. SO well behaved! When he wasn't hanging out with us in the shade of our rescue booth, he was walking nicely by our side, politely greeting other dogs, sitting for pets...

He hung out in (ok so mostly went to get a drink from) the puppy 'cool down' pools.

He impressed us so much that his foster mom just had to treat him to a dog friendly frozen yogurt treat.

Nom Nom

If you missed the fun and want a 'play-by-play' of the day, we live tweeted it for you. Follow us @adorabulls !

A fantastic day! (And we managed to miss the rain - ok, so we may have packed up a few minutes early - sssshhhh).

See you next year!!!

Did you know?
ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation Ontario) and Leads Employment Services were nominated for the Pillar Community Innovation Awards 2011? 'Celebrating the nonprofit sector organizations, people and partners who make our community brighter...'
Now thats good Juju!

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