Thursday, August 4, 2011

♫ Wouldn't you love someBULLY to love ♫

Don't you want someBULLY to love
Don't you need someBULLY to love
Wouldn't you love someBULLY to love
You better find someBULLY to love

It’s a catchy tune, we know, its in your head now . . .

SFSHNB – Spayed, female, sweetheart, not a bully

“see my cute Adopt-Me face . . “
Slated for death due to a broken leg (which healed perfectly) MaeMae is so happy just to be loved, she’d turn herself inside out, or wiggle herself inside out! Dogs, people, more people, more dogs = HEAVEN for miss Mae.

NMLBNB – Neutered, male, LOVEBUG, not a bully

Mislabeled by a shelter when he was dumped because his owners had no time, not enough space, allergies, were moving . . .(standard excuses), we took this boy on regardless of his beautiful mixed breed as he just WOOFED potential (and may have stolen a smooch during his assessment! Smooth Bayner, smooooth)
Fantastic with dogs, and kids would you believe this teenage pooch calls a wee little kitten his best friend?!

NMSBM – Neutered, male, STUNNER, bully mix

Stalky, dark, handsome, docile, well mannered and just dying for canine companions this boy is all love and no fuss! Want to know how he found us . . .or rather, someone found him, then found some friends, then they found us?

NMLDBBM – Neutered, male, lap dog, beefy bully mix

Speckled nose – check
Stunning structure – check
Super cute pout – check
Snorts and snore – check

We don’t understand why this beautiful beefcake (probably part AM Bull mix) hasn’t been snapped up to a forever home yet.

We know you want some-Bully to love . . . ! So send us an email:, and tell us who and why. We look forward to hearing from you!

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