Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moose - Available for Adoption (Outside of Ontario)

Meet Moose! Or MoOoOoOse as we like to call him. Hes a BIG KID for an 8 month old pup, and had lots of love to give and smiles to share. Yes, this boy literally smiles.

Moose also like to execute his basic commands like sit and down with great enthusiasm! With a cock of the head, flip of an ear, big smile, a grunt and exaggerated paw movements we cant help but giggle when Moose is around. He is a very smart boy and a very quick learner as well! Moose will be a ton of fun in training class for sure! (and probably the star of the show . . .were just saying ;)

Sherlock-Moooose can often be found with his nose to the ground. He is very inquisitive and likes to smell EVERYTHING! But dont worry, hes not the type to (ahem) identify what he has found as his, his foster mom says he is perfectly housetrained! AND, a big fan of his crate! (good boy Moose!)

Not a huge fan of the cold (can you blame him with such a short coat), Moose does enjoy a good warm car ride, and will sit in the back seat like the gentleman in training that he is!

Moose is wonderful with everyone he meets, but a typical over excited teenager when getting together with doggie friends (this will just take more time and exposure) but good none the less. He loves to walk around with his toys and show you his treasures, but will happily give them up for a cookie or three!!! Mind you, youd barely know you were feeding him because Moose has such a sweet soft mouth.

He is a very special dog, and everyone involved in his rescue (including our vet staff) cant say enough good things about him!

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