Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fostering - The Good & Bad News

We are always greatly in need of foster homes!

Fostering requires a time commitment of 1-3 months for young dogs and 6-8 months for those that are a bit older. ADR covers all food and veterinary costs, your donation is an open heart and home to help a rescued angel on their way to a Happy Beginning! 

Now for the good/bad news:

Bad News: We're not giving just anybody a dog. There is a screening process including an application, phone interview and home check.
Good News: That means we're picky (both in the people who care for our dogs and the dogs themselves). All dogs are temperament tested and vetting is done before (or arranged ASAP after taking on your foster dog). We take into consideration your work schedule, children and resident pets when choosing the place a foster dog in your home - and strive for a perfect match.

Bad News: We're most likely not showing up with a well kept dog. He's probably going to smell like a shelter and will eventually need a bath once given a bit of time to settle.
Good News: It's going to feel extra nice to cuddle him when he's clean and dry.

Bad News: Once your foster dog gets past the "honeymoon" period, he may display some habits that may not be desirable.
Good News: An ADR rep will always be available to see you through these rough patches. We've been rescuing for years and have seen and heard it all (that wasn't a challenge...). A few of us have apprenticed with some super savy trainers and will work with you to overcome any training obstacles.

Bad News: After the mandatory 30 day holding period (which gives you and us time to learn the dogs personality), he will be posted for adoption, and eventually the perfect creature that you've work so hard training and have fallen in love with, will find the perfect forever home, and will leave your family for his own.
Good News: You are welcome to be as involved as you'd like in the adoption processes. We will screen all potential adopters fully and since you know the dog best, will be able to give us your opinion and say on the dogs forever family.

And hey! When you're ready - there are plenty more where that one came from ;) Interested? Email us for an application form

Can’t foster? That's okay, there are many other ways you can help!
- Fundraisers (bake sales, etc.) Contact us for ADR materials.
- Sources/pick up/deliver donated food.
- Drive rescue dogs to vet appointments.
- Let us know if you are traveling from ON to NS and can take a pooch with you.

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