Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Ups & Downs of Dog Rescue

Dog rescue, especially pit bull rescue, is the ultimate roller coaster ride. One moment you’re going up, everything is exciting and you’re itching to reach the top. The next, you’re on your way down and quickly realizing, as the ride dips and loops that you might have picked the wrong one. Let me off!

Just this week alone (and its only Wednesday), we pulled a fantastic dog (“good save” as we say), hit the motherload with a HUGE donation of dog food from Nutrience and have a couple of dogs well on their way to officially being adopted after spending months in foster care (ssssshhhh, someone might hear us…).

And then there was the email from another rescue, bashing us for not acting quickly enough to help them save some dogs (sight unseen – how responsible). A middle of the night rush to the emergency vet, after finding a kitten who had been thrown from a highrise apartment balcony (she unfortunately passed away). And, a heads up on possibly having to bring in a “substantially similar” pregnant female – where have all the foster homes gone?

Fortunately over the years, we’ve grown a thick skin and have come to expect that the bad, will always be followed with something good (perhaps a glass of wine, or a shot of tequila). We thank DOG everyday for the amazing dogs we've been able to rescue, the people we’ve met and the volunteers that are always willing to go that extra mile, for us and our rescued hearts.

And though, sometimes the horizon looks dark, when you catch the light in the eyes of a foster (or resident) dog, you couldn’t imagine your life being any other way.

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