Monday, November 28, 2011

Paws of Hope

Its been a rescue tradition (they always seem to find us) to be able to save "just one more" lucky pup as another year comes to an end.

In anticipation of this 'Christmas Miracle' we'd like to be able to raise some funds to provide him or her with a little extra holiday cheer (perhaps a treat or toy to keep busy, or an extra fluffy dog bed or blanket).

Please make a donation (in your name, in memory of a lost pet, or simply in honor of your favorite ADR pooch of all time) and we'll add your info to our online "Paws of Hope" tree.

There is no minimum amount - every donation counts (and makes a difference).

It's easy - just click the paypal donation button below OR send an email money transfer to

Thank you for your support (and please share)!


  1. Hi, I've been trying to donate via credit card. All my information is correct, but it's not accepting the payment. Do you accept money orders?

    1. Hi Laura - you can email info [at] ador-a-bull [dot] com with your inquiry. Thanks for thinking of us!