Friday, November 25, 2011

This "Like" Is For You

When we chose to branch off and start our own rescue not quite 4 years ago, with a small handful of eager volunteers, (as we near 1000 "likes") we could never have imagined that one day we might have such a large network of the most passionate rescuers around. From our tireless and dedicated volunteers and foster homes, to the amazing vet staff who care so lovingly for our dogs, and perhaps most importantly - the shelter workers who contact us and come in on weekends to give these dogs a chance.

Ador-A-Bull is built on extremely high standards, and as such, in the relatively short time that we have been around, we have fostered strong working relationships with many shelters and animal control facilities across the province. Because of our ability to lay low and fly under the radar, we have been the rescue chosen to quietly whisk away several “famous” fugitives (ie: Rambo) who might otherwise not have been gotten the opportunity to escape this dog forsaken province.

It warms our (sometimes exhausted) souls and gives us the much needed strength to continue this ‘oh so important’ work, when we receive pupdates from our adopters and foster homes. Know that we very much appreciate all the comments, feedback and reassurance that you give us.

Your words of encouragement mean so much during the times when rescue (and life in general) seems almost too much. When the emails and desperate pleas for help feel like they are never going to end, when we are running low on supplies and motivation, you are always there.

It takes a village, and we thank you for your continued support.

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