Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adoption News!

April was quite the month as far as adoptions are concerned.  We are so happy (and proud) to report that 6 of the 9 Beer Puppies have been moved to safety out of province and that 4 are now in loving forever homes.

Most recently our big goof Mooooose and Beer Puppy Amstel were moved out East and were welcomed into their new homes.


  1. Baby Amstel has had a name change... as a family, we decided on Rogue, and what a mischievous little girl she is! :)

    So happy to see her photo at the top of this blog, she certainly it a photogenic girl!

  2. Thats a neat name! We've never had a dog named Rogue :) But you're going to keep Amstel as her middle name right?! ;)

  3. We're a superhero household, so it was only fitting. If only it didn't mean that she would be full of mischief too! :)

    And yes, she will always be baby Amstel too!